Design Process

  • Step 1. Initial visit and Consultation

    The process starts off by booking a Design Consultation at your home which usually lasts about 90 minutes. During this session we would view the garden, discuss your requirements and show you a portfolio of our work. Budget – It is a good idea at this early stage to have an idea of the amount of budget that you wish to spend on the total project. We can help you understand the areas that drive costs up, and so help you to come to a realistic budget for the project in mind. This is then followed by a design contract which confirms all your requirements for the garden and gives a fixed price for the design. The price covers a Site Survey Analysis, Presentation Plan, Construction Detailing if appropriate and Planting Plans.

  • Step 2: Site Survey and Analysis

    An accurate survey of the existing garden is needed before any design work can take place. This is undertaken either by myself, or in the case of larger or more complex sites, a land surveyor. It shows the house, boundaries, existing features and levels required for the subsequent preparation of the garden design. Soil samples will also be taken.

  • Step 3: Presentation Plan

    The Presentation Plan shows how the final garden will look. It acts as a discussion document allowing me to present my plan for the garden and talk through any changes you may wish to make.
    See Example

  • Step 4: Construction Detailing

    If the design is complex, scaled drawings may be necessary to make the design clear and accurate for example elevations, cross sections. Construction Drawings are occasionally needed for structures with in the garden such as pergolas, arches, steps or pond design.

  • Step 5: Planting Plan

    Detailed plans showing the exact layout and names of all plants, drawn to scale. This includes a plant schedule giving quantities and size of all plants.
    See Example

  • Step 6: Implementation

    I can project manage both the hard and the soft landscaping. This can be on a regular basis throughout the building process or as required.

  • Step 7: Lighting Plans

    This shows the style and position of all lights – excludes electrical details as these need to be both drawn and installed by a qualified electrician.